What’s in my Beach/Pool Bag

When I’m going on vacation I always pack a little bag and some essential that I know I will keep with me while I’m sitting out by the pool or beach.

1. Bare Republic Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

This brand of sunscreen was first brought to my attention when I received a sample of it in my Ipsy Bag a couple of years ago. The sunscreen is tinted so it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face but blends right it. This is also great for under your makeup during the summer to protect your face! Plus their sunscreen is biodegradable and reef friendly!

2. Small Kate Spade Wallet

Having a small wallet for on-the-go is great when you are traveling. It small and has space to hold your room key, credit card, and some cash. This is better than bringing your huge wallet or wristlet down to the beach or pool with you.

3. Ray-Bans Sunglasses

Not pictured are my new favorite sunglasses I just picked it up recently. A new frame from Ray-Bans called the Double Round Bridge have tons of different styles. The flash lens pairs are great for summer.

4. Straw Hat

Floppy straw hats are out and the straight flat brim are in! I got this hat for the summer and sitting by the pool. Looks great paired with a bathing suit or a jumpsuit!

5. Cover-Up

This is pretty self explanatory but you need a cute cover up when you are on vacation.  When your walking around or going out to lunch you need that extra piece to transition. I linked a super cute one from Urban Outfitters that is even cute as just a tunic.

6. A Cute Book

Summer is the time where you grab some good easy reads from Amazon or your local bookstore. The book I have pictured is a book my mom read while we were on vacation in the Bahamas!

7. Market Bag

Lastly you need a good bag to hold all your items. I went for a yellow market bag that I’ve had for years and all the sudden the bags have been everywhere. I love them for the beach because they can hold a lot except for any dirt or sand so your bag will stay pretty clean.

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