Starting a new trend on my blog where I do some of my favorites for the month! These were always my favorite blog posts and YouTube videos to see and I feel like they have kind of died out. I think this is a great way for me to post more recommendations and talk about things I have and love! I can’t believe how fast June went by and now I only have 7 more weeks till I have to go back to school! I am so excited for the month of July because of all the traveling I will be doing with my family! I hope you guys enjoy my favorites for the month of June!


I look bandanas and small scarves tied around my neck or around my purse but lately I’ve been mixing it up. I’ve been tying the bandana into my ponytail or buy them built into them. It is such an effortless way to add something to an outfit!

La Cle Refocus Bands and Puravida Bracelets

My casual bracelet stack lately has included my Puravida Bracelets and my La Cle Refocus Band. My mom actually introduced me to the La Cle bracelets when she sent me some in a college care package. They are elastic band bracelets that on one side have a cute print and on the other has a motivational quote.  I keep mine on the quote side for some inspiration.  I would compare them to MantraBands but are more casual. My Puravida bracelets are my go-to for summer and have so many option for colors.  I normally just wear the original bracelets.  If you want 20% off your next order with Puravida just use my code: CAMERONCARR20.

Switched at Birth

I used to watch this show way back when it first aired and I love it.  I can’t believe I ever stopped watching it. Now I’m rewatching it and finishing the series. I really recommend this show it covers so many important topics that everyone can relate to in some way.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

After months of wanting to try some glossier products I finally bought something I know I would love. The Balm Dotcom skin salve is awesome! Great for moisturizing your lips and hands. I think next I am going to try the Glossier Lidstar liquid eyeshadow and the Boy Brow.

Depop and Thrifting

This month I’ve been thrifting a lot more and rediscovered the app Depop. If you don’t know what the app Depop is you have to try it! Just imagine an Instagram but all the accounts are selling vintage and thrifting clothing. You can like items and save them for later, search specific brands or types of clothing you are looking for, and post things yourself you want to sell. I recently re-downloaded it and I personally like it better than Poshmark. I think the sellers on Depop are more legit and are selling awesome finds. I have gotten more into thrifting and searching through the racks for some hidden gems is always fun. If you do want to thrift from your phone I would recommend downloading Depop!


Half pops are the best!!! These are one of my favorite snacks and are perfect for traveling and on-the-go.  They sell them at Target and they have a ton of different flavors. My favorite flavor would have to be White Cheddar.

Dole Chocolate Dippers

Yes, another snack! Dole Dippers are the best they are chocolate covered slices of fruit that come frozen.  They come in a couple different fruit options I really like the frozen chocolate covered bananas.  They have four little slices in a pouch and are great to help your sweet tooth.

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