My Favorite Face Masks

My Favorite Face Masks
Hello! I’m happy to have finally found some great face masks that I can 100% percent recommend to everyone I know! I have combination oily skin that can get pretty dry during the winter.  My face can be a little unpredictable and these masks always help.  I do have more masks that I like but these masks I LOVE! I hope you guys enjoy my honest opinions on these face masks.  -Cameron  🙂
I guess I totally missed the memo about this face mask.  I discovered it when I got a trial size in my Ipsy monthly subscription bag.  When I used it the first time I fell in love. The face mask is super fast and easy and leave your pores looking amazing immediately after use.  After using it I searched the name of the mask and found out it took over the internet last fall.  So happy I discovered this mask and would recommend to anyone.
Not going to lie I originally bought this face mask because Kylie Jenner put it on her snapchat and swore by it.  I have to say this mask lives up to the hype.  The mask has a cooling feeling with the mint scent.  The mask is great for oily skin and contains fresh ingredients.
I always have heard great things about this mask but never purchased it.  When my sister bought the mask on amazon I knew I had to try it. This mask comes in a powder form to be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar.  This mask tightens as it dries and causes your face to pulsate.  I would recommend to leave it on until it is dry and then wash it off; do not leave it on longer than you need to. Since it does come in a powder form it will last you a lot longer than a traditional mask.

4. Tony Moly Sheet Masks – 2 for $5

Of course as a face mask addict I use sheet masks.  I have used my fair share of sheet masks and the brand Tony Moly is my favorite. This brand has lots of different kinds for different kinds of skin types.  My favorites are the tea tree and the aloe vera (aloe vera is great for after a day at the beach or out tanning.) These masks can be found at Urban Outfitter, Ulta, online stores, and many others.

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