My Goals for 2018

This past year has brought me so much joy I graduated high school, traveled with my best friends and family, started my freshman year of college at Ohio University, recently got accepted at a style guru for College Fashionista, and made so many great memories.  I’m so grateful for opportunities that came my way this year and excited for more to come in the New Year. At the start of the new year many people want to start fresh and have resolutions.  I have a few goals for the new year and I thought I would share them with you all the inspire you. 🙂

  1. Post more on my blog! I’m really excited because next semester I am taking two online classes, so I do not have class on Monday or Friday! I will have a lot more free time to focus on my posts and make sure they are up to par.
  2. I want to step up my Instagram feed. This year I felt I was slacking with my posts and taking artsy pictures something I really enjoyed doing. I am getting a new phone soon with better camera quality so I can snap those quick pictures for my feed.
  3. Be more daring with my clothes.  In the New Year I want to switch up my clothes and go for some cool outfits that I wouldn’t normally wear. Maybe some fun wide legged pants or adding some cool hats to my outfits.
  4. Dress up more for class. I started slacking my senior year of high school and stopped dressing up for school.  Then when I came to college I really went all in on wearing leggings everyday to class.  Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing leggings everyday but I personally don’t feel like myself if I dress “bummy” everyday.  I want to dress up at least once a week for class to keep my spirits up.
  5. Keep journaling everyday.  I have a bullet journal that I love but I’ve been slacking with writing in it everyday.  Maybe even start writing in it as more of a diary with writing about what I do everyday.  I know my future self would want me to journal my daily routine.
  6. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! This seems like such a little thing but I living in a different place with different temperatures. With it being colder in Ohio I need to keep my skin happy!
  7. Get a new job at school! I have an online shopping addiction that I would like to feed. Also with more free time with not having class on Monday and Friday I might as well get a job and make a little money.

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