5 stores

I love shopping but it’s hard finding items that are unique and that your friend may not already have. I love finding new online boutiques with on-trend clothes and great prices.  I just made a list of some of my favorite online stores! I hope you all enjoy!!

  1. Love Street Apparel

Love Street Apparel is probably my favorite online boutique.  It has great minimalistic pieces that are needed for your wardrobe while the prices are great.  They sell pretty much everything you could want clothing, shoes, accessories, swim wear, home decor and some beauty products.

2. Goldmorning

Gold morning kinda reminds me of Love Street Apparel with how the site is layed out and the products they carry. The store also has great prices and super cute clothes.

3. Frankie Phoenix

I discovered Frankie Phoenix actually through Pinterest.  I saw a post of cute clothes layed out and I did some research and the picture was from their Instagram.  FP reminds me a lot of Brandy Melville with the pieces that they carry but it is not one size fits all!  The bodysuits and bralettes that they carry have got to be my favorite.

4. Verge Girl

I recently discovered Verge Girl and it’s amazing.  It has all the styles that I see on Instagram and Pinterest and I could never find so many things on trend at one store until I found Verge Girl.  It is based in Australia but I would say it ships pretty fast.

5. Princess Polly

Princess Polly is also an Australian based clothing store that reminds me Lulu’s which is a well known clothing site. Princess Polly is a little more expensive but I really like the pieces they carry on their site.


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